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How to Use Your Arbogast Lure

JitterbugJitterstickHula PopperMud-Bug SputterbuzzFly Rod Hula PopperBobber Stop


The Jitterbug, without a doubt, is the number one nighttime, topwater fishing lure of all time. On a steady retrieve, its concave lip creates a "plop-plop" sound while its body has a side to side action that fish cannot resist. It catches all types of surface striking gamefish from bass to musky in all types of water. This lure is mainly fished during the warmer months of the year, especially full moon nights in the summertime. Black has always been the most productive color while fishing at night.

Model No. G700(Buy Now) - This is the largest of all Jitterbugs, 1 ¼ ounce and 4 ½ inches long, more commonly known as a muskybug. It is generally used for musky and northern pike when fished in northern waters around shoreline cover and weed beds. This lure should be used with heavy rods and line.

Model No. G650(Buy Now) and G655(Buy Now) - This is the standard baitcasting size, 5/8 of an ounce and 3 inches long, used by most bass fishermen to make long casts to cover maximum amounts of water.  It should be fished on a steady retrieve to create its unique sound and action and is deadly on a largemouth bass when fished at night. These are the two most common models used by fishermen at night.

Model No. G600(Buy Now) and G605(Buy Now) - This is a scaled down version weighing in at 3/8 of an ounce and 2 ½ inches long, is just the right size to be used with spinning gear, and is deadly when fishing for bass and pike. If the bite is slow, try a start and stop retrieve, moving the lure about 5 ft. between stops. This method will usually attract the non-aggressive fish.

Model No. G630(Buy Now) and G635(Buy Now) - This size Jitterbug weighs ¼ ounce, should be used on light spinning gear, and is mainly fished for bass in small ponds and lakes.  

Model No. G680(Buy Now)- This ¼ ounce Jitterbug has only one double hook attached to the tail section of the lure so it can be fished over weeds and obstructions. It is usually fished in small ponds and lakes that have lots of cover.

Model No. G670(Buy Now) and G675(Buy Now) - These jointed Jitterbugs have a wider side to side action and create more sound and vibration when fished on a steady retrieve. These lures weigh 5/8 of an ounce and are used to make long casts and works best in calm water.

Model No. G620(Buy Now) and G625(Buy Now) - These jointed Jitterbugs weigh in at 3/8 of an ounce and are the perfect size to be used with spinning gear in smaller waters for bass and northern pike.

Model No. G610(Buy Now) - This weedless Jitterbug weighs 5/8 of an ounce and can be fished using baitcasting gear around and over all types of vegetation without getting snagged. It has an attached hula skirt to hide the hook and give it more action.

Model No. G690(Buy Now) - This is a spinning version of the weedless Jitterbug which means it can be fished with lighter line around all types of vegetation and other types of cover. It also comes equipped with a hula skirt to increase flash and action.


Model No. G645(discontinued) - This is a longer version of the famous Jitterbug that has a spinner attached to the back of the lure which creates more surface disturbance when fished on a steady retrieve and attracts a bigger bite than the standard size Jitterbug.   It has more of a rolling action due to its slender shape and tuned tail spinner.   This lure attracts trophy pike, musky and bass and is a great lure to pull fish to the surface in deep, open water.

Hula Popper

With its concave mouth the Hula Popper creates a deep, throaty popping sound and bubble trail that has enticed aggressive strikes from all types of gamefish for decades.   The hula skirt provides an extra measure of enticing flash and action. This lure should be fished in slow jerks giving the fish a chance to react to its unique sound and action and is an all time favorite for largemouth bass.   It is one of the best lures you can use to pull fish out from under heavy cover to the surface.   The slower you fish it, the further it will pull fish to the surface.   The frog and coach dog patterns have been consistent fish producers when fished around all types of cover.

Model No G750(Buy Now) - This unique shaped popper weighs in at 5/8 of an ounce and is the all time favorite size used by people that use baitcasting gear.   Its weight allows you to cast heavier line close to heavy cover without fear of a big fish breaking you off.

Model No. G760(Buy Now) - This Hula Popper has the same unique popping action and sound and is scaled down to 3/8 of an ounce and 2 inches long, and is designed to be fished with lighter action rods and line.

Model No. G770(Buy Now) - This ultra light size Hula Popper has been a favorite among fishermen fishing for smaller fish in farm ponds and small bodies of water and works best when fished early in the morning and late in the evening.   It weighs ¼ of an ounce and carries a single #5 treble hook.

Model No. G730(Buy Now)- This is the smallest of all Hula Poppers weighing in at 3/16 of an ounce and carries a very small single #8 treble hook.   Great for panfish and other small species and should be fished with ultra light gear and very small line.   Great for lots of fish catching action.


This is one of the all time favorite crawfish imitating crankbaits.   The Mud-Bugs quick diving wide wiggle creates a hard vibrating action and ensures its ability to run deep and bump the bottom. This unique action has made it a big fish favorite of serious anglers.   Its high floatability allows it to back out of heavy cover on a slack line eliminating potential hang-up situations.    One of the best times to fish a Mud-Bug is during the early Spring when the big bass are in a pre-spawn situation. Make sure that the lure comes in contact with the bottom and surrounding cover to ensure more strikes.   Heavy line is a must when fishing this lure through and around thick, heavy cover.

Model No. G22 - This model Mud-Bug weighs 5/8 of an ounce and is the favorite size for the big bass fisherman.   Its heavier weight gives it the ability to be cast a great distance and stay in contact with the bottom for a greater distance per cast increasing your chances of getting a strike.

Model No. G20 - This smaller size Mud-Bug weighs in at ¼ of an ounce and is made to fish in shallower depths 4 to 6 ft.   This lure produces a lot of bass when fished right before the spawn in early Spring.   You should always try to keep this lure in contact with the bottom.


Sputterbuzz creates maximum amount of surface disturbance due to its buzzbait blade attached in front of the lure.   When fished on a steady retrieve, the chopping action of the blade gives the bait a very tight wiggle enticing fish to strike this lure on the surface.   It has weedless treble hooks that allow it to be fished around and through the heaviest vegetation and cover.   It attracts all surface feeding gamefish from bass to musky and is used generally in late Spring and Summer when there is lots of vegetation growth.

Model No. G1805(Buy Now) - Sputterbuzz is the largest model - 5 inches long and weighs 5/8 of an ounce.   When fished on a steady retrieve, it's a sure thing to catch northern pike and musky.

Model No. G1835(Buy Now) - The G1835 is 3 ½ inches long and weighs 3/8 of an ounce, which makes it a favorite among bass fisherman fishing around heavy cover and vegetation and at night during the warmer Summer months.

Fly Rod Hula Popper

The Fly Rod Hula Popper has a sculptured body and concave mouth which gives it a unique popping action that attracts all types and sizes of gamefish.   Its living rubber legs and hula skirt tail makes it a tempting life-like bug on the surface.   Its wide gap hook ensures great hook-ability for such a tiny lure.   This is a favorite among accomplished fly rod enthusiasts.

Model No. G1000(discontinued) - This lure is 1 ½ inches long and weighs 3/32 of an ounce and carries a #1/0 hook.

Model No. G1050(discontinued) - This model boasts a weedless hook and can be fished closer to and around vegetation and cover.   It is 1 ½ inches long and weighs 3/32 of an ounce and carries a #1/0 weedless hook.

Model No. G1150(discontinued) - This Fly Rod Hula Popper is 1 3/16 inches long and weighs 1/16 of an ounce and carries a #2 hook.

Model No. G1400(discontinued) - This is the smallest of the Fly Rod Hula Poppers and is fished mainly for panfish and bluegills.   It is only 7/8 of an inch long and weighs a mere 1/32 of an ounce and carries a tiny #8 hook.

Bobber Stop

Model No. GAR-1000(Buy Now) - This Bobber Stop makes it easy to adjust the depth of your bobber.   The flexible spring will go through the guides and not interfere with the castability of your lure.   The bobber then will adjust to the correct depth as your lure pulls the line through the bobber and comes in contact with the bobber stop, keeping your bait at the same exact depth every time you make a cast.